Monday, November 21, 2011

Passage in story on Yale Bowl tragedy incorrect

Early versions Saturday of a story on the death of a 30-year-old woman killed in a parking lot at Yale Bowl reported that witnesses offered conflicting accounts to police, including that it appeared the truck suddenly lurched forward, to the driver pressing the pedal in road rage because the women weren’t moving fast enough. The passage about the women not moving fast enough was erroneously added because of an internal miscommunication, and was not part of the witness account as relayed to our reporter.
The story was later updated Saturday to report:
In the initial hours after the incident, police received a wide range of witness accounts about what transpired. Police knew this much for certain: The U-Haul pulled into the lot, suddenly accelerated and struck the three women. But police were sorting out sometimes contradictory witness accounts, from some witnesses who assumed the driver of the truck inadvertently accelerated, to at least one who thought the situation could have been sparked by “road rage.” So far, police are leaning toward the former. A police source said the U-Haul was pulling into the parking lot to prepare for a tailgate when the driver “maybe accidentally” hit the gas and accelerated quickly into a crowd of people.


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